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Meet Dose — your personal diary of vitamins, suppliments, medication, and more.

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A usage log keeps you in check. You can add your consumption in just a few clicks. Save your most common dosages to make it even easier!


Our dashboard provides a lot of useful stats regarding your usage. The calendar gives you a clear overview of how much and how often you consume.


Set Goals

Never forget taking your vitamins again. Set your own goals and reminders to keep up with your plan. Live happy and healthy.

Dark Theme

Perfect for dark environments. Easier on your eyes.

Pin Code

Prevent others from seeing your data by using a PIN code.

Calendar Overview

Easily visualize your usage with simple and clean calendar.

Quick Doses

Save your most common dosages and add them with just one click.

Custom Substances

Add any vitamin or suppliment you use. Track everything in one place.

Meaningful Stats

See how much you've spent, how often you consume, and more.

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